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Crisis Response

Crisis. Is there a more course-defining word in the English language?  There are a few things you can be certain of when you rub elbows with a crisis – it will always seem to occur at the most inopportune moment and be the last thing you have time for, it will consume precious energy and resources, and the way the crisis is handled will likely determine whether you will succumb to upheaval, chaos and defeat in the end, or are able to rebound, withstand and overcome the crisis as you reach to claim final victory. 

In the realm of E-Discovery, a crisis can quickly balloon out of control and touch on every facet of your case, because when it comes to digital evidence, just one wrong move during the maelstrom of a crisis can leave the crucial evidence you need tainted and/or inadmissible, severely damaging any real chance for a successful litigation. 

At Global Digital Forensics, our team of experienced Crisis Responders can be on site in just a matter of hours to take the reins and make sure digital evidence is secured and gathered correctly, stored properly, expertly analyzed and produced in the most efficient, acceptable and cost effective ways possible.  We work hand in hand with the litigant every step of the way and can assist you with everything from collection to expert witness testimony, always with an eye on what’s best for you – our client. 

If your crisis spills beyond your doors and digital evidence needs to be collected from systems in far away places, we can handle that too.  GDF has in place a global network of Crisis Responders which allows us to respond in any major US city, normally within 12 hours (usually much less in metropolitan areas) and globally within 24-48 hours.  Our fully equipped, experienced and  certified Crisis Responders have years of experience in the IT Security, computer forensics and E-Discovery industries and can be counted on to assist will all aspects of your E-Discovery needs from securing the system or network, through acquisition, forensic analysis and presentation.

We can help you find peace of mind and put you on the path to a successful litigation, but you’ll have to take the first step by giving us a call.

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