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How do we learn about Jared Lee Loughner?

Jared Lee Loughner. It is a name we will be hearing quite often in the weeks and months ahead as investigators work to piece together the life of the young man that shocked our nation. In his wake, he left six dead and more than a dozen wounded in a shooting rampage that right now seems to be a failed assassination attempt on US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). 

 The one question screaming to be answered by the grieving families and a sorrowful nation is, “Why?!?” 

Unlike similar national tragedies, like the VA Tech shooting or the Columbine Massacre, this time the triggerman is alive, and I’m sure he will be getting the hot-lights-treatment by our nation’s best interrogators for a long time to come, but sadly they will only be able to scratch the surface at best.  The human element is fallible.  Memories and reasoning can be tainted and skewed, especially with someone that may very likely be a few eggs short of a dozen upstairs. No, the real insight that will lead to the answer is neatly tucked away in a string of 0s and 1s that will detail his history, his passions, his communications and his habits.  What did he like?  Who were his heroes? What and whom did he dislike?  What information did he absorb? Did he study other assassinations?  Was he politically motivated?  Did he actually see Sarah Palin’s crosshairs map? The list of questions is long and deep, but the answers likely have digital footprints.

So, how does a computer forensics examiner find the truth?  Here’s a video clip of Global Digital Forensics’ CEO Joe Caruso that was run on CBS when the name on the nation’s lips was Seung Hui Cho, after he gunned down 32 souls in the Virginia Tech shooting nightmare that left our nation wounded. 

While these are obviously cases that frame the extreme, when the truth is needed, it will more often than not be found by disassembling the digital evidence left behind by the parties involved.  But, putting trust in anyone that is not a highly trained and experienced professional in the world of high-tech cyber sleuthing will not only likely miss the most crucial and hard-to-find evidence, but if the gathering, seizing, storing, analyzing, and producing of the digital evidence found is not done correctly, it could very well end up tainted, inadmissible and useless when it counts most – in front of the judge and jury!

When the case matters, it is a fool’s errand to put your trust in any computer forensics professional less than the best.  Whether you are litigating a high profile case like the Tragedy in Tucson that has an entire nation seeking justice, or you’re a lawyer entrusted to represent any client to the best of your ability, even if it’s not in the nation’s spotlight, or you are a business owner concerned about foul play, or even if you’re a spouse or a parent seeking the truth, make the right choice when it comes to digital evidence and electronic discovery.  Anything less would be a crime in and of itself.

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